Branch Service Associate

Angono, Rizal; Bacoor, Cavite; Santa Rosa, Laguna; Davao City, Davao del Sur; Pasig City    2021-10-29 11:01:21    Permanent/ Full time

·        Responsible and accountable for the following in accordance with HO instructions and policies:

o   Accepts payment and issues official receipt to acknowledge payment.

o   Deposits collections to the designated bank not later than the following banking day and attends queries with banks.

o   Accepts post dated checks thru PR/ Acknowledgement Receipt issuance and forwards to Treasury Dept. ( H.O ) for issuance of corresponding official receipt after clearing of Post-dated check/s.

·        Handling and Disbursement of company funds :

o   Prepares and issues Disbursement Vouchers/Petty Cash Vouchers and checks to be disbursed from the Operating Fund( Current Account I) based on the set guidelines in handling the Operating Fund.

o   As custodian of company fund, replenishes fund ( Operating, SD Financing, Commission, Policy Loan, Mobility and Petty Cash ) including preparation of Cash Position Report of CA I.

o   Custodian of signed checks including releasing to the right payor or authorized representative upon submission of the approved authorization letter and documents. Also, mailing of unclaimed policy benefit checks after the prescribed holding period thru Registered Mailing. Lastly, return of unclaimed checks to H.O. c/o Treasury Department.

o   Conducts cash count of funds before leaving the workplace to ensure that all company funds are intact at all times. Likewise, to avoid shortage/overage of company funds.

o   Monitors advances of agents thru issuance of Mobility/SD financing and Statement of Account from HO.

o   Proper handling of masterlist as basis in granting financing and strict implementation of the financing parameters.

·        Custodian of company properties :

o   Sees to it that all company properties such as fixed assets are with Asset Identification Tag, office supplies and other accountable forms such as OR/PR booklets, Insurance Application forms and other forms with series are all accounted for. Definitely no pre-signing, tampering, altering and printing of forms without HO approval.

o   Safekeeping of OR and PR booklets.

§  b.1 releasing of PR booklet/s to qualified agents

§  b.2 surrender of filled up OR booklets and PR booklets with PR Control sheet

·        Preparation of the following reports:

o   Daily Collection Report, Weekly Cash Position Report, Monthly Report ( statistics, irregularities/ incidents noted in the branch, complaints referred by the policyholders ), PR Semi-Annual Status Report, Inventory of unclaimed checks and policy contracts, Inventory of Corporate giveaways for Sales and Fixed Assets, etc. and other reportorial requirements for submission to Head Office on specified cut off dates.

o   Transmittal of documents and other mailing items to Head Office as scheduled.