Branch Service Staff

Citystate Bldg., #87 P. Burgos St., Pob 11, Bats City    2023-07-19 09:36:02    Permanent/ Full time

  1. Must be a graduate of any 4 year course.
  2. With at least 1 year of related experience.
  3. Knowledgeable in clerical or customer service duties.
  4. Must be computer literate and has good communication skills                                       
  5. Must be willing to work in Batangas.

Be part of our growing family!​

As it continuously expands its network, the conglomerate is also constantly in search of skilled and talented individuals to join its pool of competent staff, officers, and executives.

As our Founder strongly believed that it is our employees that help us to actualize the companies’ mission, and bridge services to the Filipinos, we are continuously looking for excellent individuals to join the conglomerate.