Medical Technologist

Pasig City    2021-10-29 10:53:23    Permanent/ Full time

·        Performs various chemical, microscopic and bacteriologic test to obtain data for use in diagnosis and treatment of disease

·        Receives written requests for routine and special laboratory tests

·         Sets up and adjusts laboratory equipments such as microscope, blood chemistry analyzers and the like

·        Obtains laboratory specimen directly from patients using established laboratory techniques

·        Adds reagents or indicator solutions and subject specimens for processing such as filtering, heating, or titrating according to established procedures

·        Prepares slides for microscopic analysis if necessary

·        Observes reactions, changes in color or precipitate formation if applicable. Study slides using microscope

·        Subjects treated specimens to automated or semi-automated chemistry analyzers to make quantitative or qualitative exams if applicable

·        Posts all test findings to laboratory slips for proper evaluation by pathologist or lab supervisor if applicable

·        Indicates the amount to be charged to patient if applicable

·        Identifies and labels all specimens to be retained and files them for further study

·        Encodes all laboratory procedures performed in MBCI clinic for proper monitoring

·        Any other duty that may be allocated by the supervisor from time to time