HR Staff - Reliever

Makati City    2021-10-29 08:05:26    Permanent/ Full time

·        Monitor and post job advertisement for vacant position.

·        Screen and conducts Initial interview and endorse to concerned department.

·        Conducts background checking of all possible hiree.

·        Collect and compile requirements for 201 folder.

·        Responsible in checking, monitoring and updating of daily time records and information of employees and report to Personnel Supervisor for any concerns/violation.

·        Oversee the incomplete logs, undertime, OB filed, OT filed, Leave filed or any discrepancies on the DTR, if there’s any.

·        Verify attendance, hours worked, and pay adjustments, and post information into HRMS

·        Issue and record adjustments to pay related to previous errors or retroactive increases.

·        Will be responsible in handling all HRMS concerns of all branches, if there’s any.

·        In charge of the whole timekeeping process every cut off (checking, uploading, extraction, payroll report)

·        Monitors attendance overtime records of all employees including FAV both request and actual work time rendered.

·        Check guard’s attendance report (every cut off)

·        Prepares weekly recruitment report

·        Route clearance of separated employees. Process and compute earned benefits and accountabilities.

·        Typing of ID’s and Filing Jobs.